Woes with an MD2010

Recently my trusty MD2010 let me down. The engine is 10 years old now, but like many sailing boat engines little used. It gets an outing most weeks from the marina to the race start line and back again, and usually at weekends it gets an hour or so of use. This spring after the yearly haul out and anti-foul the boat went back in, but nothing more was done other than check the engine started. On the first Tuesday night race in April the engine started, but when asked to do some real work failed to increase from a tick-over. The secondary filter was changed but no joy, so we missed that weeks racing. Subsequently I changed the primary filter, cleaned some gunge out of the tank, filled the tank, added some bug treatment, but the engine now failed even to start properly.

I posted a question on the ybw forum (http://www.ybw.com/forums/showthread.php?t=311589 and had a few helpful suggestions.

Reluctantly I called in the professionals (Mike Wills of Cobbs Quay) who found that the injectors were hosing (I guess they were not pressurising properly) and the exhaust was coked up. After a replacement set of injectors and a good clean of the exhaust elbow, the engine now seems ok. Looking forward to my first race of the season tonight!


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