Genetic Programming

Genetic Programming


PhD Research.

I did my PhD, entitled Hardeware Genetic Programming, at Essex University under the supervision of Prof. Ricardo Poli.

The work describes the implementation of a complete GP system in hardware using Xilinx FPGAs and a high level language to hardware compilation system known as Handel-C from Celoxica. (sadly the website is no longer available).

The user manual can be found here:

The thesis can be downloaded in pdf format here (pdf): Hardware Genetic Programming.


  • An Investigation into the use of Genetic Programming for Intelligent Network Service Creation MSc Dissertation, Bournemouth University, 1988. PDF
  • Genetic Programming for Service Creation in Intelligent Networks. EuroGP’2000. PDF and some powerpoint slides and the abstract to the paper.
  • Genetic Programming for Service Creation. Proceedings of the  ICIN conference in Bordeaux in Jan 2000.
  • Implementing Genetic Programming in Hardware Using Handel-C. A paper given at the Celoxica workshop, 2001, in Stratford, UK. This describes a hardware implementation of GP using Handel-C language. Here are the slides for that presentation in zipped Microsoft Powerpoint format.
  • Building a Taxonomy of Genetic Programming Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO-2001). There are various files for this: Main body in Microsoft word format, Result graphs in zipped Microsoft word format, Concluding remarks in Microsoft word format, Taxonomy picture and title in Microsoft Powerpoint format and the paper from the proceedings in PDF
  • A Hardware Implementation of a Genetic Programming System Using FPGAs and Handel-C. Journal of Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines, Volume 2, number 4. PDF
  • A Pipelined Hardware Implementation of Genetic Programming using FPGAs and Handel-C. EuroGP’2002, Kinsale, Ireland. PDF.
  • Analysis of the behaviour of a hardware implementation of GP using FPGAs and Handel-C. CS Report number 357, University of Essex. PDF
  • Crossover Operators for a Hardware Implementation of GP using FPGAs and Handel-C. GECCO’2002. PDF
  • Analysis of Random Number Generators for a hardware implementation of GP using FPGAs and Handel-C CS report number 358, University of Essex. PDF
  • An Analysis of Random Number Generators for a hardware implementation of GP using FPGAs and Handel-C GECCO’2002. PDF
  • Genetic Programming in Hardware. My PhD thesis is available here as a as a PDF file

Code for the MSc project

The code for the MSC project can be downloaded from here project is based on the excellent Genetic Programming Kernel by Thomas Weinbrenner.

Code for the PhD work.

This code is an implementation of a GP system written in Handel-C. It can also be compiled using gcc for use on a PC. It implements several problems. The GP kernel uses a linear program representation and uses a new form of program length limiting that avoids bloat. Again it can be found here

Questuions or comments can be made on github.

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